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Speedy Breedy

Speedy Breedy is now available to buy from Octo Marine, the only officially licensed maritime distributor, and the only distributor in mainland Europe.

Speedy Breedy is an easy to use, compact portable, precision respirometer and monitor of microbial activity that has been designed for MLC2006 conformity, industrial applications and lab research.

Speedy Breedy can be used:

  1. 1. Test for contamination in drinking water, recreational water or process water in industrial and maritime applications.
  2. 2. Test the effectiveness of sterilization systems ensuring quick intervention when needed, and reducing risk of contamination.
  3. 3. Test raw ingredients and finished goods for contamination in beer and beverages
  4. 4. Shorten the time for positive release in food processing
  5. 5. Test for contamination in pharmaceutical, household and hygiene products
  6. 6. Test effectiveness of decontamination processes following wet strip of all forms of equipment
  7. 7. Test sterility of food and beverage packaging
  8. 8. Identify the presence of bacteria in oil and paint
  9. 9. Test potentially detrimental contaminants, growth and metabolic promoters or inhibitors
  10. 10.Assist researchers to develop products and techniques where the presence or absence of bacteria needs to be understood,   prevented or encouraged.

Speedy Breedy is a single (test versus control or aerobic plus anaerobic), or dual sample, two chamber instrument. Speedy Breedy maintains culture conditions within purpose designed, disposable culture vessels. Samples are inoculated into the culture vessel and Speedy Breedy closely controls growth conditions to a pre-determined protocol in order to facilitate rapid replication of cells or microbes.

Speedy Breedy's robust, disposable 50 ml culture vessel eliminates the need for cleaning of potentially hazardous bottles. Culture vessels are provided sterile, empty or pre-filled with a range of dry media.

Speedy Breedy can be used independently or connected to a PC. Using the PC users can design and download pre-determined protocols to Speedy Breedy and upload experimental results for analysis. Speedy Breedy also has a removable SD card for field research. Connecting Speedy Breedy to a PC enables data visualization so that users can monitor experiments in near real time.