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Speedy Breedy - Software

Speedy Breedy turns microbial activity into data. When Speedy Breedy is connected to a PC the experiment is visualised in near real time as a graph.

Speedy Breedy comes pre-loaded with standard protocols that are designed to search for a "significant event", that is when there is a significant pressure change in the headspace of the culture vessel, meaning there is microbial activity inside the culture chamber.

Speedy Breedy's Windows compatible software is intuitive and easy to use. Customers can design their own protocols on the PC and download them to Speedy Breedy. Protocols enable the user to set the incubation temperature (between 5 below ambient and 44 degrees), vary the time pressure readings are taken and the speed at which the mixing paddles rotate inside the culture vessel.

Experimental data can be uploaded from Speedy Breedy's SD card to the PC for archiving and further analysis.

Speedy Breedy Screenshot

Speedy Breedy Screenshot