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Speedy Breedy Industries

Speedy Breedy is an essential tool to monitor and manage microbial activity in a variety of industries that include potable water, food and beverage, brewing, paint and a host of manufacturing processes. Basically anything that contains water can be contaminated and raw ingredients used to create products also become contaminated. Products you would never dream could get contaminated do!

The unchecked presence of contaminated water not only endangers the crew, guests and owners, but can delay, ruin or even cancel charters.

The cost of a failed batch in industry is expensive for the manufacturer. Product recalls damage brands and are also very expensive, sometimes running into hundreds of thousands of Euros, pounds or dollars.


Speedy Breedy generates benefits for its users in several ways:

As a screening tool for contamination

As a rapid test after interventions or works have been carried out on a water distribution system

 As a quick “look see” in an operational capacity where sending samples to a lab in parallel is mandatory

As a risk assessment system for contamination in production lines such as paint or paper so that remedial action can be taken days before results come back from the lab

 As a fast test for finished goods where Speedy Breedy can be 4 to 5 days faster than waiting for results to come back from a lab

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