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Speedy Breedy - Features

The many great features of the Speedy Breedy Respirometer include:

  • Two temperature-controlled testing chambers
  • Purpose designed culture vessels with advanced mixing for optimised growth and detection of microbial activity
  • Sealed, easy to populate culture chambers
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of sample types
  • Culture vessels come empty or pre-filled with a range of dry media
  • Temperature controlled -5 below ambient to 44 degrees
  • A highly sensitive, non-invasive detection system that delivers rapid results
  • Barrier protected sensors for reliability and safety
  • PC (Windows compatible) software that enables near real time visualisation of experiments when connected to Speedy Breedy
  • Customised protocols designed off-line and downloaded to Speedy Breedy
  • Can be used independently for field research or in the lab connected to a PC
  • Enables visualisation of microbial activity in near real time
  • Does not require a large capital investment
  • Configurable to allow for comparative testing using a test vs. control protocol or two experiments
  • Speedy Breedy's robust, disposable culture vessels eliminate the need for cleaning of potentially hazardous bottles
  • On board 2GB SD card for experiment results storage
  • USB connection