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Silver Ion Specific Photometer-Competitively priced, required by all vessels using silver as part of the on board fresh water sterilization ,MLC-2006 potable water testing complianc

Silver Ion Specific Photometer

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This Silver ion tester is a silver ion specific photometer, is an important analytical tool for any vessel using silver as part of their on-board water treatment systems, this compact single parameter photometer measures ionic silver in water and should be used to ensure levels are consistent and adequate enough to maintain the biological safety of the water system, in accordance with the MLC (2006), IHR (2005), and ILO 178 (2009) regulations.

InformationA robust and easy to use device for testing silver in water.
SizesRange 0.000 to 1.000 mg/L (ppm) Resolution 0.001 mg/L (ppm) Accuracy ±0.005 mg/L ±10% of reading @25°C L
Brand CodesOcto Marine Silver Ion Tester (MLC-2006 potable water testing compliant)
Octo CodeSIA2096737
Order CodesSIA2096737