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Octopure® 100ml-Octopure® imparts no taste or odour

Octopure® 100ml

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Octopure® prevents the growth of bacteria in fresh water reservoirs and pipes, this will also ensure that there is no development of odours. The silver ions penetrate the core of the micro-organism and bond to various parts of the cell, such as the DNA and RNA, cellular proteins and respiratory enzymes, causing all life support systems in the cell to be immobilised. As a result, there is no more cellular growth or cell division, stopping the bacterial cell from multiplying and leading it to die.

InformationCan be used as a direct replacement for Micropur and dosing system chemicals
Brand NameOcto Marine
Sizes100ml Container
OptionsAlso Available in 1000ml and 10L containers
Brand CodesOctopure®
Octo CodeOMOP100
Order CodesOMOP100