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Silver Angel TPM100-Advanced Water Sterilization System, complete with WRAS, MEEDDAT, CHTR

Silver Angel TPM100

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Octo's second largest WRAS, MEEDDAT, CHTRA and REACH certified with full MCA, IMO and SOLAS compliance Sterilisation system. Used for ships, hospitals and hotel complexes with average flow rates of 4160 LPH (1099 GPH) and peak flow rate capacity of over 17,000 LPH (4991 GPH).

InformationThe only ionizer complete with WRAS, MEEDDAT, CHTRA and REACH certification with full MCA, IMO and SOLAS compliance.
Brand NameOcto Marine, T.P Technologies
SizesControl Unit W490 (19.29") x H690mm (27.17") x D295 (11.62"), Cell 730mm (28.75") x H216mm (8.5") x
Brand CodesTPM100,Tarnpure, T.P Technologies
Octo CodeSATPM100
Order CodesSATPM100