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Spa Set-

Spa Set

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The practical set contains all the components for complete water care with active oxygen. Tailor made for the special conditions in Spa's and whirlpools.Includes: Bayroklar SPA (1 kg), the fast-dissolving active oxygen disinfectant tablets.Bayroplus® SPA (1L), the liquid activator for increasing the disinfectant effect. Calcinex® SPA (500ml), the liquid hardness stabiliser for the prevention of lime deposits in pools or units.Spa antifoam (500ml), liquid defoaming agent. Reduces undesired foam caused by output nozzles. Adisan® SPA (1 kg), for cleaning and disinfecting, including hard-to-reach parts like jets and pipe systems.

InformationAlways use biocides safely. Always read labels and product information carefully before use.
Brand NameBayrol, Octo
Sizes4 kg Set-carton