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Nature Pure Water Purifier-Nature Pure water purifiers are low cost systems that are ideal for small boats, motor homes, and lo

Nature Pure Water Purifier

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Nature Pure Ultrafine drinking water purification systems, from General Ecology, are ecologically friendly water purifiers designed to make your water safe, convenient and delicious.

The Nature Pure system works without chemicals, electricity or hold time, produces no waste water, and features Structured Matrix technology. The purifying process removes all three classes of contaminants: microbiological, chemical and aesthetic.

Nature Pure purifiers are low cost systems that are ideal for small boats, motor homes, and low use vacation homes where space is a consideration. With several configurations from which to choose, there is a Nature Pure to fit your water purification needs.
The Nature Pure System is not recommended for residential use

InformationFlow Rate: 1.9 litres per minute,

AVG Capacity:1900 litres,

Cartridge type: Ultrafine (Structured Matrix),

Particle Retention Rating: 0.1 Micron Nominal (0.4 absolute),

Pressure Vessel Construction: Metal and Engineering Thermoplastic,

Working Pressure: 25-100 PSI,

Working Temprature: 0.5 degrees C - 38 degrees C,
Brand NameGeneral Ecology Europe, Nature Pure
Brand CodesNature Pure
Octo CodeNature Pure AVG1900L
Order CodesNature Pure AVG1900L