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Seagull IV X-2 Water Purifier-Ecologically friendly, under sink water purification unit. Recommended for residential use.

Seagull IV X-2 Water Purifier

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The Seagull IV X-2 drinking water purification system is ecologically friendly and is designed to make your water safe, convenient and delicious. Recommended for residential use the X-2 has a 7.6 Litres per minute flow rate.

The Seagull IV X-2 system works without chemicals, electricity or hold time and produces no waste water. All models feature "Structured Matrix" technology which removes all three classes of contaminants: microbiological, chemical and aesthetic.

InformationSeagull Water Purification System works without chemical hold time, electricity, double processing, large storage tanks or waste-water production.
Sunseeker Compatible.
AVG Capacity: 8000 Litres,
Cartridge Type: RS2SG,
Working Pressure: 25-100 PSI,
Working Temperature: 0.5 degrees C - 38 degrees C
Brand NameGeneral Ecology Europe, Seagull, Sunseeker
OptionsRS-2SG Replacement Cartridges
Brand CodesSeagull IV X-2KB, Seagull IV X-2KF, Sunseeker
Octo CodeSeagull IV X-2 Water Purifier