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Octo Compact Water Softener

Octo Marine Octo Compact= The OCTO COMPACT water conditioner is the most widely used softener in the marine industry,and is now gaining huge popularity in the commercial and residential markets. This small powerful unit is completely non electric and has an incredible 26,000 LPD (6,870 GPD) treatment capacity.

Octo Marine Octo Compact=


Connection (Ø) 3/4"
Burst Pressure 8 Bar
Minimum and maximum working pressure 2-6 Bar
Flow with 1 module in service 1,500 LPH
Flow with 2 modules in service 3,000 LPH
Maximum pressure drop 0.6 Bar
Sodium exchange capacity at 86.4 % sodium saturation 3.3 M3 FH°
Salt Consumption per regeneration 0.225 Kg
Number of Resin modules x Resin quantity 2 x 3.2 L
Salt Capacity 35 Kg
Water usage per regeneration 16 L
Regeneration time 09-15 Min
Maximum running temperature 50 °C
Maximum treatment capacity 26,640 LPD
*Provisional technical data - can be changed without notice


Water Conditioner Pre-Filtration Unit
size (L : 480 x W : 400 x H : 510mm) size (L : 530x W : 210 x H : 435mm)
Octo Marine Octo Compact= Octo Marine Octo Compact=
Easy Installation, Plug and Start, No Electric Required, Quick and Easy Setting