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Multi Stage In-Line Filtration Systems

Drinking Water Systems Designed to Meet Your Needs

Octo Marine Multi Stage In-Line Filtration Systems

With the all new Octo slimline water treatment systems you can have high quality water tailored to your requirements, with a wide range of filtration options available.

ILPF5 Water Filter from Octo Marine

The ILPF5 filter will remove particles down to five microns and will help protect the Ultra filtration membrane.

ILBTS Water Filter from Octo Marine

The ILBTS filter offers both Bio-Ceramics to re-vitalize and natural mineral mediato increase the mineral content of the drinking water.

ILBCFIR Water Filter from Octo Marine

ILBCFIR In-Line Cartridge with Bioceramic Mix activates somatic cells, stimulates blood circulation, improves metabolic processes. Multi-stage, bio-ceramic, in-line cartridge filled with various mineral oxides and infrared technology. Natural ceramic material strengthens the metabolic system and improves its resistance. The Far Infrared Radiation activates somatic cells, stimulates blood circulation and improves metabolic processes.

ILBCFIR Infrared Water Filter from Octo Marine

The ILBCFIR Infrared In-Line Cartridge helps to activate the water molecules in the human body, and aids in the removal of fats, toxins and chemical substances from the bloodstream, and thereby helping to improve the function of nervous system.The Infrared cartridge combines Far Infrared Radiation.and bio-ceramics to help to stimulate blood circulation and improve the body’s metabolism as well as activating somatic cells. By reducing the size of the natural cluster of H2O molecules from the standard 26-28 molecules, to 5-7 molecules the body is able to absorb the water quicker and more efficiently, enabling the removal of toxins more efficiently.

Ultra-Filtration Membrane from Octo Marine

Ultra filtration membranes with pore sizes in the range of 0.1 to 0.001 micron typically remove high molecular-weight substances, colloidal materials, and organic and inorganic polymeric molecules and bacteria, viruses and cysts, producing extremely high quality water, combined with the other available filters producing water of a far superior quality to that of bottled water.

We also offer specialized In-Line filters to remove Nitrates, Hardness, Bacteria and many other contaminants.
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