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Octo Marine Legionella Testing For The Marine Industry

Octo Marine Legionella Testing Kit

Up until now, testing for Legionella in the marine industry has been highly impracticle, with results taking upto two weeks.

The Octo Marine Legionella Testing Kits can detect traces of Legionella in water in just 25 minutes.

Our testing kits can detect the presence of legionella bacteria in water without the need for a laboratory, or any specialist training. They are easy to use, delivering accurate, reliable and easy to read results in minutes, ensuring the wellbeing of crew members, owners and guests alike.


  • Onsite: The world's only genuine on board test - No transport of samples
  • Self Test: No specialist training required - Reader verifies test result independently
  • Quick: The world's fastest legionella test - Provides results on site in 25 minutes
  • Accurate: More accurate than a lab test for Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1
  • Audit trail: Log and report your results